beet kvass

Back from peru and living on the farm... eating lots of greens and turnips & strawberries.  trips to the river, iced drinks and making grand plans.  green garlic and golden beets.  and speaking of beets, Beet Kvass is a great trick that everyone should know.  this lacto-fermented mainstay of eastern europe is regarded as a tonic for its regenerating effect on the body.  once its made, its easy to incorporate into your day; just chug down a little glass in the morning, and one more at night if you feel like it.  so, even though this is a medicinal rather that gustatory recipe, we recommend it.  summer is taking off all of her clothes here in Covelo, and the farm is filling the baskets and CSA boxes.  with gratitude and a hi-five, happy summer to ya.

june 3, 09...covelo

lacto-fermented drinks have been used medicinally for many years.  we are pretty fond of this recipe used throughout russia/eastern europe and found in sally fallon's book nourishing traditions.  beet kvass, different than a leavened bread kvass (perhaps i'll post a recipe soon!), is great for the digestion, packed with nutrients and purifying to the blood (plus, we think it just tastes great).  fresh beets are best, but if you've got a forgotten bunch in the fridge, give this a whirl.

3 medium beets -peel, rough chop

1/4 cup whey**

1 tbl sea salt (high quality a must)

filtered water

2 qt glass jar w/ lid

place beets, whey and salt in the jar.  fill w/ water, stir well and cap.  keep at room temperature for 2 days then refrigerate.  **if you are lacto-intolerant or without whey (do not dismay) add an extra tablespoon of salt to the mix and call it good.

after 2 days (3 if you like it stronger) your beet kvass is ready, drink it up!  4oz in the morning, another 4 in the evening.  when there is about a cup of kvass left, refill the jar with water and leave out again at room temperature for 2 more days, then repeat refrigeration.  the beets are potent enough to get two rounds of kvass.

when you are nearly done with the second batch, reserve 1/4 cup of the liquid to inoculate a new batch of beet kvass (or stick to the recipe above) and compost the old spent beets.


making homemade salad dressing? use the beet kvass instead of vinegar.

for a kick of flavor and nutrition, add a little to soup just before serving