1 medium cabbage -fresh, room temp, core and shred

1/4 cup whey

1 tablespoon sea salt

1 tablespoon caraway seeds

wooden pounder, meat hammer or the wooden end of a hammer  (clean!)

mix the whey, sea salt and caraway seeds in a large sturdy stainless steel bowl (I use my stainless steel cooking pot).  add the cabbage and pound for 10 minutes to release the juices.  mix well and place in a quart mason jar, pushing the cabbage down at least an inch from the top of the jar.  place the lid on the jar and leave at room temperature for three days, transfer to the refrigerator and give it a few more days to develop flavor.  the sauerkraut is ready to eat... after a month the flavor is 'off the hook!'


we use red cabbage as it is more nutrient dense than green varieties

ideas for consumption

eat a tablespoon or so with meals to aid in digestion