east-west zucchini salad

everyone has their own zucchini recipes to use up the squash and zucchini that piles up around this time of year.  this is the best one we have come up with, and it is a quickie to prepare: about 4 minutes start to finish.  be sure to remove the squash from the fridge when you are ready to get down to business, no sooner -- the colder & fresher the squash, the tastier your salad will be. this recipe serves three as a side dish, i recommend making only as much as you will eat in a sitting as the squash loses its vitality with time. 

2 small-med zucchini -grated

1 patty pan green tint or yellow summer squash or crookneck or whatever -grated

1 tsp toasted sesame oil

1 tsp ume plum vinegar

1/2 tsp nama shoyu (tamari or soy sauce)

in a small bowl, mix grated squash, oil and vinegar. serve immediately