steamed eggs & greens (halberg style)

i dont think its an exaggeration to say that this dish has saved my life (or dylans) a few times!  the ingredient list varies depending on the number of people you are feeding and cast iron pans work great.  it has a crazy similar taste to eggs benedict when you use the beet greens and chard together... easily one of my favorite recipes, im ready and waiting at the table when dylan starts this up!




beet greens

red chard


one potato


cheese if you like it

cracked pepper


mayonnaise or goat cheese

start by putting the pan on med-hi.  without dilly-dallying around, dice up the potato and garlic (small pieces) and throw them in the pan with 1/4 stick of butter.  while this cooks, chop up the stems of the greens, flipping or stirring the pan every so often so the potatoes and garlic cook evenly and dont burn.  take the leaves of the greens, roll them into a small log and slice the log into thin pieces.  at this point, the potatoes should have been cooking only 4 minutes or so.  stir the potatoes and garlic once more before adding the greens & stems and covering the pan.  let this steam for 4 or 5 minutes on med-hi, and then add another 1/4 stick of butter, broken up into pieces.  drop in the eggs, trying to place them where the butter is.  reduce heat to med-low and cover.  after another 4 minutes, remove the cover and check on your eggs.  if you like the yolks runny, you will want to give them only 2 minutes before checking.  place slices of cheese on the eggs, and sprinkle a handful of sliced onion on top.  cover and remove from heat.  try to put the cheese and onion on quickly so the residual heat is sufficient to finish cooking the eggs and melt the cheese. now get another big frying pan and put in your  bread.  this dry-toasting is the preferred method to achieve the full effect for this recipe.  after the bread is browned on one side, flip it over and turn off the heat.  at this point, it is important that everyone who is eating is sitting down and ready to eat.  once you lift the lid off the eggs, your 'delicious time' begins to run out.  the ultimate toast under-coating is goat cheese or mayonnaise.  quickly apply this (or leave dry if you prefer)  and with a spatula, carefully scoop out the eggs one by one, along with the surrounding greens, and set on top of the toast.  crack some pepper on top and start eating.

p.s. of course this recipe will work with any number of vegetables…  other excellent additions are green onions, fresh corn, chopped italian parsley, and a scoop of creamy plain yogurt on top of each serving.