middle eastern chickpea and tahini dip.

2 cups chickpeas -soak and cook

1/4 cup raw tahini*

3-4 cloves garlic* -smash and chop

1/2 cup lemon juice

1 tablespoon flax oil -optional

1 teaspoon cumin -heaping

1 teaspoon tumeric -fresh or ground

1/4 tsp sea salt

1/8 tsp cayenne pepper or 1 small hot pepper -remove seeds and chop

1 tbl parsley -minced

1-3 tbl olive oil

Drain the chickpeas, reserving some of the cooking water.  toss the garlic, lemon juice, flax oil, cumin, tumeric, salt, cayenne and tahini into a food processor or blender and process til just mixed (none of the above? don't fret, put it in a bowl, mincing the garlic first and mash together).  add the chickpeas and continue to process or mash till smooth.  if your consistency is too thick add a bit of the cooking water from the chickpeas.  scoop out onto a platter or bowl and top with parsley, olive oil and fresh ground pepps.  i like to stir in the parsley and olive oil and finsih by topping w/ just a bit more parsley/oil and the freshly ground pepper.  serve it up with veggies, pita or such for dipping enjoyment.  we like it on sprouted grain toast.  otherwise, place it into a pint mason jar and refrigerate.


*easily remove skins of garlic by placing the garlic on a cutting board and placing the wide flat edge of your chopping knife on top of the clove and press down (being mindful of the blade!) crushing the garlic.  the skin will slide right off.

*tahini, also called sesame paste or sesame butter, is made from ground sesame seeds (hulled and unhulled varieties exist).  i prefer raw which is often difficult to find and pricier, though richer in flavor and nutrition.  multiple companies exist with raw and toasted sesame butters and it is found in the nut butter section of your local market.

Ideas for consuming

spread for sandwiches and bagels

take it on a picnic with a bag of your favorite blue corn chips

add a dollop to top off a rice or quinoa pilaf

as a dip for your favorite fresh veg (carrot, jicama, string beans, bell pepper, cucumber)

top your steaming bowl of winter soup w/ some of this hummus, yum!


for a south of the border flavor, substitute lime juice for the lemon and add 1/4 cup fresh cilantro