soaking beans and grains: a must!

grains and beans have done much of the humble work of sustaining the human race for thousands

of years.  if you are trying to eat consciously, chances are you already know all about soaking and

the different methods.  for those who are new to it, we have included this little chart.  the acid

medium (vinegar,whey) helps to neutralize the enzyme inhibitors (phytates), making beans and grains

more digestible and nutrient-dense.  this practice is found in traditional cultures world-wide. 

super soaking chart

what you'll need:

   glass bowls

   acidic medium (whey, apple-cider vinegar, lemon juice, keifer, yogurt)

   time! (7-24 hours)

place grains or beans in bowl, keep in mind some will double or triple in size while soaking- so be sure you have enough room and water in your bowl.  cover with warm water, stir in the acidic medium, and cover the bowl.  as to the acidic medium, i prefer whey; those with lactose intolerance may want to use the vinegar or lemon juice. 

p.s. we dont encourage people to use a pressure cooker to cook beans or other foods. 

the high temperature, while speeding up the cooking process, saps many of the vital nutrients.

* due to low phytate counts, soaking is recommended but not necessary

** smaller beans need more soak time