quinoa pancakes

In one of dylans restless hungry phases, i suggested eating some leftover quinoa in the fridge, to which he groaned and i swear rolled his eyes!  what about finding a recipe for quinoa pancakes i suggested (only the merest suggestion of enthusisam) though he did do some research.  before he finished i had already concocted a recipe in my head, then set him to dicing the onion.  a fantastic dinner, i dare say- delicious and just a bit bad (cause frying things can be so dang good).


This Gluten Free recipe is simple and tasty.  if you are planning to eat anything else with the pancakes, prepare it beforehand, because theyre only good hot.  from start to finish is 15 minutes (as long as you have the cooked quinoa already).  as a side note, if you had a nice teflon pan, you could probably even get away with very little to no oil to cook them.

2 cups cooked quinoa

2 eggs

1/4 cup diced onion

1 tsp thyme -dried, crush in your palm before adding to release the oils

fresh ground pepper

2 Tbl golden flax seed

1/4 tsp sea salt

sesame oil

olive oil (optional)

Dice the onion and add to a bowl w/ 2 eggs, salt, thyme and a few twists from the pepper grinder.  whip it all up w/ a fork, whisk or another handy object.  fold in the quinoa, stir and let sit while you:  measure out 2 Tbl flax seeds and place in an herb/coffee grinder or mortar and pestle, grind into a powder.*

Heat 1 tablespoon each of the sesame and olive oils in a flat pan to medium heat.  add the flax powder to the quinoa mixture and stir well to incorporate.  drop the mixture by the forkful into your hot pan, pressing the tops gently to flatten out.  keep an eye on the pancakes and flip as the edges golden, a few minutes if your heat is right.  again, cooking till golden then remove from the pan, adding more oil if necessary for the next batch.  at this point, i recommend to have your eaters ready as they are so tasty piping hot!  alternatively, place on a plate in a pre-warmed oven till your lot is cooked up. 

I loved mine alongside a simple green salad, dylan added mustard and pork to his dish, grunting w/ pleasure the whole time.  for dessert, we ate the remainder slathered in raw butter and topped w/ our friend Yoyo's peach jam and that was pretty fantastic too (even w/ the thyme)!

*i don't ever ever recommend buying pre-ground flax as it is commonly rancid, yes, rancid.  enough said.