exalted broccoli

Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat.  popularized in the USA by italian immigrants in the early 20th century,  it continues to be a mainstay in popular cuisine.  so that's good news.  the bad news: many overcook this member of the brassica family until the nutrient levels are rather diminished.  by cooking it lightly, you hang on to the indoles, the B complex, the calcium & phosphorus... you get what i mean.  but life's not all about health, so forget all this nonsense and focus on Exalted Broccoli, which is just tasty on a summer afternoon when its kinda hot out and you're still wet from running through the sprinkler. 

july 6th, 09...covelo

1 head broccoli -reduce to bite-size florets

6-8 cloves garlic -dice

4 anchovy fillets

2 tbl extra virgen cold pressed olive oil (or a nice quality butter)

juice of 1 lemon -place in a small bowl

fresh ground pepper

steps 1-3 may happen simultaneously if you are willing and prep well!  this recipe will work just as well w/out the anchovy, an end result being a middle eastern style lemon-garlic broccoli dish.  enjoy! and hey, try something new.

prepare your broccoli, dice the garlic, juice the lemon & set each aside. 

1- place the anchovies in a small cold skillet and heat very slowly.  as the anchovies soften, smash them w/ a fork (be mindful to not cook/overheat).  when you have achieved a warm paste, set aside.

2- heat olive oil to med. (low temp is key) in a small pan, add garlic and saute briefly.  a warm garlic aroma and a golden hue will be your clues to remove from heat.  this process only takes a few minutes.

3- steam the broccoli briefly w/ boiling water (3-5 min).  you may notice the color change to bright green- this is perfect. broccoli will be only slightly soft and crunchy.  transfer to a serving bowl, heated if you’re feeling fancy.

add the anchovy paste, garlic and olive oil to the bowl of lemon juice and stir well.  spoon this mixture over the broccoli and toss like you would a salad.  crinkle a little fresh pepper over the top and serve immediately!