summer water kefir - 3 variations

Summer is truly the time for water kefir.  this probiotic fermented beverage goes a long way in easing the heat and ringing in the good times.  drink it by the gallon after a long hot day in the garden or splash it with some gin and ice for nice toast in the balmy evening breeze, either way, you’ll be glad. 

Begin here with the original how-to recipe.  once you have strained your finished water kefir from the grains, you can dive into the fun of flavoring!

blackberry mint1/4 cup blackberries3-4 mint sprigsjalapeno peach1/4 cup sliced peach1 jalapenoginger lemon verbena1- 2 inches ginger root3 sprigs lemon verbenaLightly crush the herbs and fruit and slice the jalapeno & ginger into rounds.  add each combination into its own 2 quart mason jar.  fill with finished water kefir.  as you are adding the kefir to the fruit, it may create a lot of foam, pour slowly to keep it from frothing over.  let the flavors infuse the kefir at room temp for 1-3 hours before refrigerating.  your flavored kefir is ready to drink when fully chilled.