cucumber mint sauce

a personal summer favorite, this sauce will enhance just about any meal you prepare!  a dollop over scrambled eggs, drizzled on grilled meat & vegetables, or served w/ summertime fritters it is simple and satisfying. 

2 medium cucumbers, peel, seed* and grate

1/4 cup spearmint, mince

1/4 parsley, mince

2 cups whole milk plain yogurt, strained or not

fresh ground pepper


Sprinkle grated cucumbers with salt and place in a strainer, cover w/ a bowl or plate.  let sit for 30 minutes occasionally pressing down to squeeze out water.  the salt will cause much of the water to weep away: give a final squeeze before transferring to a small bowl.

Mix together strained cucumbers, spearmint and parsley, add yogurt and season with pepper and salt.  mix well and set aside.  the flavors really come into their own after 15 minutes, so make ahead of time for ultimate deliciousness.

*de-seeding cucumbers:  slice the cucumber in half lengthwise.  drag a small spoon or teaspoon down the center of the cucumber (the width of the seeds).  compost the seeds and wah-la, you have removed the pulpy seeds.