just the recipes

Welcome to our big list of recipes...

they are not in alphabetical order, kinda like moms recipe box.

they fall in the order in which we posted them,

from newest at the top to oldest at the bottom.

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if you are looking for something specific.  buen provecho!

summer water kefir

salted honey pie

stinging nettle and green garlic soup

sweet rhubarb-roasted pork

buttermilk and barley biscuits

dulce de membrillo

cucumber soda pop

the best succotash

fermented corn salsa

water kefir

best ever chocolate chip cookies!

nettle pesto

sprouted flour buttermilk pancakes for 2

lamb shank stew (peposo notturno style)

winter lentils and arugula salad

toasted pumpkin seed and cilantro sauce

orange hat soup

chocolate spiced pudding

festive corn bread

savoury quince and onions

stress tonic: rhodiola tea

masala shalgam - turnip curry

moroccan beet salad

california kimchi

fermented salsa

braised green beans (greek style)

cucumber jalapeno salsa (salsa de alex)

moldovan poached eggs

lemon cucumber pickles

blackberry & polenta birthday cake

perfect summer zucchini soup

coconut macaroons

Ezogelin Corbasi - turkish red lentil soup with mint

sand cookies

spaghetti chicken

quiche florentine

kamut-oat buttermilk pancakes

mendo mac & cheese

broccoli in your heart

old world parsnip salad

red kuri coffee cake

gobi aloo or indian style roasted cauliflower & potatoes

apple ginger galette

iranian spinach & yogurt salad

baked red kuri winter squash

potato leek soup, roasty or not

roasted tomatoes with thyme and garlic

corn & leek quesadillas

roasted red peppers & olive oil

tahini & cilantro salad dressing

summer squash salad

summertime zucchini fritters

cucumber mint sauce

beets with chinese 5 spice

country cabbage

sugar snap peas with bacon & mint

simply lentils

dandelion pesto

cherry tart

savory solstice tart

crunchy kale chips

black pepper turnips & green garlic

brazilian kibe

cook your own damn chips

olive oil cake: orange-infused

nutty biscuit spirals

fisherman's pasta

spicy hawaiian chard

green tea & miso broth with soba noodles

wow! party scones

pickled cauliflower

quinoa pancakes

green tea and honey facial scrub

20$ mayonnaise

whole grain biscuits

sassy apple butter

potato, parsnip & lentil soup

chili-fried eggs and toast

quince preserve

the blend-up

chopped egg & tumeric salad

white bean and arugula salad

dilly beans

blue elderberry syrup

coconut-melon sorbet

roasted leek and provolone sandwich

whey (Sour Dill) pickled cucumbers

middle-eastern sour pickles

lickety-split tomato sauce

blackberry tiblets

east-west zucchini salad

roasted masala cauliflower

coconut rice

cucumber salad

cucumber & green onion yogurt sauce

exalted broccoli

lentils in persian tomato sauce

steamed eggs & greens (halberg style)

grecian beet salad

beet kvass

scottish breakfast

shoyu breakfast

bialetti espresso

white bean, hominy and chipotle soup

split pea dal w/ coconut-tumeric brown rice

lima bean & celery salad w/ chili olive oil

ginger-carrot 'sauerkraut'

baba ghanouj

ginger-lime dressing

red beans and rice, kona style

sunflower seed pate

garbanzo bean salad

miso mayo

ginger-lemon brew



spring rolls with carrot ginger and thai peanut dipping sauce

raw veg nori rolls