country cabbage

this napa cabbage recipe hails from our friend rachel (who also turned us on to kibe).  she emphatically proclaimed to never like cabbage until she had it this way.  we gave it a try and agree, simple and delicious.  the key is enough butter and salt to really make it kick!  if you are feeling adventurous, try this with raw butter, as we've previously mentioned, it's nutrient dense and has a lovely grassy flavor. 

1/2 napa cabbage1/2 tsp sea salt1 Tbl butterfresh ground pepperCut a whole napa cabbage in half from the wrinkly top to the smooth bottom.  set aside the extra half for another meal.  take the napa cabbage and thinly slice crosswise from the thick bottom to the wrinkly light green top.Add 1/4” of water to a pot, bring to boil and add the cabbage.  top with a lid and steam for a few minutes, until the cabbage wilts and turns slightly translucent, stirring a few times.  total cooking time: between one and three minutes.  remove from heat and strain out the water.  Top the strained cabbage with a generous pad of butter and salt, mix well, taste and adjust seasoning to taste (we like a lot of butter). 

divide into bowls, top with fresh ground pepper

and serve while still hot.