black pepper turnips & green garlic

turnips are abundant on the farm in the spring and fall.  we created this recipe last may when the green garlic was plentiful & here we are again at the peak of the season.  this dish is full of the subtle flavors of spring.  2 turnips -peel, slice into large matchsticks (roughly 2” x 1/2” x 1/4”)2 heads green garlic -rough chop stems and cloves or 1 head reg. garlic -rough chop 1 tbl oil1 tbl butter*1 tbl ume plum vinegar1 tbl nama shoyu or tamaripepper -fresh groundHeat a pan to med-high heat, add turnips and green garlic, dry saute for a few minutes, shaking the pan.  when turnips and garlic start to brown, add butter and oil, continue to saute turning down heat only if the butter gets too hot.  once the garlic and turnips brown and crisp add the ume plum vinegar and shoyu.  turn heat to med and saute for a few more minutes. remove from heat  top w/ fresh pepper and serve!

*substitute olive oil to make it vegan