cucumber soda pop

Sometimes only the fancy-est drink will do.  this bright green summer refresher is bold in taste and sassy in appearances  - all out fancy! what’s better than a super gorgeous drink, well, one that’s healthy and totally simple to prepare as well and tastes amazing!  serving options are endless as long as you have ice and plenty of sparkling water or gin and a little tonic water.  older cucumbers can be a bit bitter and seedy, not the best.  for this recipe you’ll want to seek out young cucumbers picked at their prime.

Part I - Make the Cucumber 'Syrup'4 cucumbers, about 1 1/2 poundslarge mesh strainerbowl that fits under the strainerTrim the ends off the cucumbers and discard.  roughly chop up the cucumbers and place in a blender.  start the blender off slow as the pieces begin to break down, turn to high and blend to a puree.  place the strainer over a large bowl.  pour the puree into the strainer and let sit for 10-30 minutes to strain out the liquid.  compost the cucumber solids and transfer your cucumber syrup to a mason jar and store in the fridge.

Part II - Make the Drink - Cucumber Soda Pop

2 Tbl cucumber syrup

1 1/2 cups sparkling mineral water

squeeze of lime, lemon or spring of mint


First step:  are you feeling fancy?  yes - place the jar in the freezer 30 minutes before you are ready to make this drink and you’ll start with a frosty glass.  or, just fill a pint jar with ice.  add your cucumber cooler.  for mint crush your sprig and tuck it under the ice.  for lime or lemon, squeeze in a wedge worth of juice and drop the wedge on top of the ice.

now, fill your glass with sparkling mineral water, give

a stir and enjoy the coolest of cool.