Whey (Sour Dill) Pickled Cucumbers

these lacto-fermented sour-dill pickles are pretty darn close to sally fallon’s recipe in nourishing traditions with two exceptions:  i added grape leaves (crispness) and garlic (flavor).  the garlic was outstanding (i think we are actually going to do a whole jar of pickled garlic next!).  give the pickles about a week once in cold storage,  the flavor only increases in greatness!  if you have leftover brine, try using it in a bean soup.

pickling cucumbers -whole or quartered

3-4 grape leaves

3-4 cloves garlic -peeled

1 tbl mustard seed

2 tbl fresh dill -flowers, leaves, whatever

1 tbl sea salt

4 tbl whey or additional tbl salt

1 cup filtered water

1 qt jar

wash cukes and grape leaves.  in a separate bowl mix mustard seed, dill, sea salt, whey and water.  place grape leaves in the bottom of the jar, add cukes and garlic then pour in water mixture.  add more water if necessary to bring to 3/4” or so from top of jar (cukes should be covered).  cover tightly and keep at room temp for 3 days before transferring to cold storage or refrigerator.