the blend-up

the morning blend-up is a pretty common thing with lots of folks.  its neat to see

what other people use for this ritual.  some of our key ingredients are:

sprouted almonds: this is a great natural source of protein.  some people like to use a raw egg.  we use almonds, and its important to sprout or at least soak them overnight to get the latent nutrition out of them.

young coconuts: something that your local co-op or similar type market can get for you if they dont already carry them.  we like to order a box (9 coconuts) and pick it up when we go into town for our weekly shopping trip.  young coconuts are relatively easy to open at home, they have a lot of coconut water in them and usually plenty of nice meat.  a note about opening them: 1) be careful 2) shave away some of the top of the coconut until youre at the hard shell.  then firmly force the tip of the knife through the shell and work it around to make a circular opening at the top.

frozen bananas: potassium, gotta get it.  buying a bunch of bananas and then freezing them is an easy way to have the potassium you want on-hand when you need it. 

berries: blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, whatever- they have loads of antioxidants and are an excellent member of the blend-up team.

raw goat milk: this stuff is just good for you, unless you are opting for a more vegetarian style.  try to find someone who is doing raw goat milk in your area.  networking at your local farmers market is square one.