white bean and arugula salad

2 cups of white beans, dry

1/2 bunch of arugula (about 4 tbl sliced thin)

handful of parsley (about 4 tbl minced)

1 tsp good sea salt

fresh cracked pepper

8 tbl olive oil- organic... most of the european stuff comes

from north africa and is sometimes not even olive oil.

Ok, start by soaking your beans overnight and then rinsing them a few times.  put them on to boil and then turn them down low until they are soft but not too soft- they should still have a little bit of firmness and not be all falling apart and whatnot.

Strain and set aside the beans to cool.  mince your parsley and mix with the olive oil, salt and pepper in a small bowl.  slice the arugula into thin strips, about the width of a pencil or so.  in a large bowl, combine the beans, arugula and oil mixture together and toss lightly.

You are done.  at room temp, this goes great with toast, cold cheese and white wine.  i recommend watching Flashdance on DVD while you snack on this with your close friends and/or 'confidants'.  also makes excellent picnic ammunition.